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Ranial is the leading IoT solution provider converging the cognitive AI and Edge computing runtime. The patented design of the edge native platform offers a secure, flexible foundation for real-time process automation. The platform components can be optimized to aid time-to-value and speed-to-market strategies, adding incremental business values through continuous innovation in human-machine interactions. The solution is offered as a software-as-a-service(SaaS) and on-premise deployment as per the needs of our clients.

Founded by evangelists and architects who worked with global players, Ranial’s disruptive innovations bring value by developing distributed intelligence for M2M/ IoT applications. Our founders have contributed significantly to building mobile, first-generation IoT solutions and platforms using RFID, sensors, and actuators, and wireless/mobile technologies, for over the last two decades now. The integrated hardware and software foundation offers adaptive learning, configurable autonomic functions using cognitive AI runtime. The open architecture of the platform allows clients to deploy scalable and extensible M2M/IoT applications and meet emerging demands of intelligent automation.

This integrated platform enables secure peer-to-peer collaboration across the connected edge nodes to implement real-time operational intelligence and workflows. It drives competitive advantage by ensuring that the M2M/ IoT infrastructure has a minimum dependency on centralized management and control functions that are constrained by network bandwidth, latency, and massive data center/ cloud infrastructure. The distributed intelligence on edge facilitates context-aware operation management and real-time predictive insights. The innovation is targeted to deploy on-demand services that minimize downtime, detect anomalies and prevent security threats with intelligent control capabilities. The unique platform is designed to meet situational awareness and extreme responsiveness within mission-critical M2M/ IoT ecosystem.


Ranial Systems
Corporate office :
100 Wall Street,
Suite 1103, 11th Floor
New York, USA 10005
Email : information@ranial.com
Phone: +1 (917)-426-8888

Lab Office:
28-07 Jackson Ave, 5th Floor,
Long Island City, NY 11101



Our Differentiator

In business terms, we offer solutions that help near- real-time operation monitoring that is predictive as well as intuitive. Bringing machines and operations together with intelligent process control, actionable insights and notifications – we ensure complete breakdown of silos that usually plague any business or operations process, thus ensuring a much higher efficiency and also highly collaborative, sustainable strategizing. Marrying the power of IoT with the efficiency of M2M, AI and advance analytics, our solutions enable much smarter and faster enterprise processes – across industries to ensure optimization of resources and better collaboration through process and service automations.

With current state of its industry applications, the platform is extended for intelligent utilities grid management, renewable energy infrastructure monitoring, Smarter plant operation and quality controls, people and asset tracking, connected health and remote patient monitoring as well as integration of wearable technologies to drive strategic initiatives and gain completive advantages through realizing technology led business transformations.

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