Asset Management

Asset Management


Integrating Platforms and Accelerators to Drive OT/ IT Convergence in the Logistics industry

The Fleet management market is expected to grow to $35.35 Billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 24.0% from 2014 to 2019.By this time, Asia-Pacific will be the largest regional contributor in the global fleet management revenue. However, this growth is not without its challenges. While legacy processes and systems are the biggest hurdle for the infrastructure and technology currently used in its operations, the slow rate of adoption of newer technologies also slows down the transformation process.

The operations on this industry need a window to its distributed operational environment, in order to be able to assure solutions to make them smoother, cost efficient and faster. Besides, huge inter- dependency between stakeholders makes this problems circular, and creates a glut where resolutions need to be, while almost fully restricting real-time and near real-time collaboration within multi-level operations. As a result, the whole process is usually a viscous, slow moving, creating more issues than aligning the operations to the business objectives.

The industry needs is a transformation of technologies to amalgamate the latest solutions that have been ushered in by M2M and IoT functionalities in the operative process. But, given the present level of industrial maturity, enterprises are facing challenges in adopting innovative technologies that meet the modern automation needs. This is due to the substantial capital cost of any software and infrastructure upgrade. Even the solutions available over the counter, are very tightly coupled to very specific hardware and networking systems. This limits scalability and renders the system unable to function in a collaborative environment. There is a need for embedded intelligence and smart Monitoring solutions in the asset management industry need today, so it can be transformed into efficient operations at optimal cost.

The next generation M2M/ IoT solution infrastructure for global visibility of assets and control systems, remote management and real-time operational intelligence, will use actionable analytics. This will be a scalable and extensible architecture that meets diverse application needs, security & regulatory mandates. It will provide extremely cost effective solutions to realize critical business imperatives through optimum OT & IT convergence, and help enhance contextual autonomic behaviour by enabling remote intelligence to maximize situational awareness and perform mission critical operations locally.



How Ranial Can Help

IntelliAMS, Ranial’s Asset Management solution is an open source, saleable, cloud based platform that uses cognitive distributed intelligence to enable real-time Visualization and integration of process/ transaction data to ensure an efficient and evolved fleet management, and asset tracking system.

The solution creates a platform that collaborates across varied levels of operations – monitoring, controls, operations, notifications and visualization of discrete assets, vehicles and energy infrastructure. This platform enables integration of the operating technology with secure sensory / remote data collection network that enables an on demand autonomic operational intelligence, real time. It allows for a reliable bi directional data flow, on customized dashboards based on clear analytics, enabling actionable insights and real-time alerts. It eliminates the overheads of discrete automations, application and process level isolations and helps align every operative process to the business objective.

It enables Intelligent Fleet Management using GPS with route tracking, real-time Asset Health Management and predictive maintenance, real-time alerts to improve remote operation control, disaster and outage management. It enables remote on/off and a location based search and tracking system, using mobile and tablets that work on green technology automation/ micro-grid operation management. It also offers an Intelligent Building / factory energy efficiency with planning and Advanced Demand Response Monitoring on its Plug-& Play hardware which is easy to configure for deployment and post implementation management.

Based on Smart controllers mounted on rugged SBC (single board computing) technology to integrate diverse set of sensors and switches that are designed to connect to a wide range of analog and digital equipment to exchange commands/ measurements, it also uses embedded remote intelligence to execute complex operations locally, saving huge distributed infrastructure costs. It can switch between networks, Wi-Fi, Mesh, Broadband or leverage dual communication over the secure wireless infrastructure to optimize the operating cost and performance of an ideal real-time monitoring solution. Its Automatic Switching of network helps to improve collaboration and reduce network overheads (both in terms of load and load & cost), while its robust Program Governance maximizes the ROI footprints by optimizing the Time-to-Value effort. The IntelliAMS also allows extreme flexibility to customize the hardware interfaces, controller behavior and monitor workflows to meet operational and regulatory needs

Our asset management solutions helps in:

  • Reduce Down time and redundancy across the value change by using online performance tracking that utilizes cost effective infrastructure, thus cutting down on operating expenditure, pushing 40% improvement in overall Performance
  • Remote Monitoring, & control, Real-time alerts, 24X7 reporting reduce 30% operational cost while the Scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure assures low Capital investment as well
  • Allows more efficient planning of distribution and logistics, cutting back on operational delay and improve progressive panning and management cycles
  • Ensure a secure exchange of information on a single interface to aggregate, process and manage information as well as control assets, reducing overheads.
  • Continue to monitor regulatory compliance and KPI mandates to ensure consistent operational and commercial benchmarks

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