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A Cognitive Intelligence Platform for Distributed M2M/ IoT Systems

In a world increasingly connected wirelessly, there is scope for a much greater utilisation of smart devices and distributed M2M environments to improve operational efficiency. Fighting legacy infrastructure challenges and adding business value offered by the IoT, these new technologies enable a much more seamless environment that provides the opportunity to leverage newer applications for greater business value. Analytics of the data collated from connected platforms in a number of verticals, can lead to even better insights and strategies derived from them.

With a much more intelligent and connected operational environment, almost all enterprise activity stands to gain. An invention that leverages the strength of M2M technologies, marries them with the efficient connectivity of IoT, offering cognitive intelligence to enterprises, is the need of the hour.

Ranial brings to the industry, INTELLI EMS, a cognitive intelligent system that will not only monitor and process data – taking actions in each known system environment, but also learn from its actions as well as from industry peer knowledge, applying it to continually adjust the system to adapt and execute in any dynamic environment. The new solution treats the physical environment as a holistic unit to optimize the collaboration pattern, and allow mutual sharing of learning to solve problems in real-time or near real-time.

The new product provides solutions that are customised to the industry requirement and hence are applicable across a range of verticals. In the utilities industry, it supports an intelligent distribution of resources, on a seamless platform that optimises processes and provides actionable analytical insights that can offer solutions to a large number of problems the industry faces today.

In the healthcare vertical, it provides operational efficiency for Remote Patient Monitoring to ensure the optimal utilization of services, and a steady collation of patient data, an invaluable resource for the industry for various ways it can be leveraged. For the manufacturing industry, it provides a 360 degree and real time view of the processes and systems, allowing for real time monitoring and efficient resolution of incidents, as well as extraction of analytical insights to ensure better efficiency. In the logistics and fleet management industry, deep insights in the structure of processes help drive greater efficiencies in operations.

The Intelli EMS solution is an invaluable support for streamlining operations, deriving optimal process efficiency and gaining invaluable analytical insights, ensuring operations on a single platform.

Platforms and Solutions

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management

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Intelligent Grid Management

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Asset Management

Asset Management

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CognitIoT™ – Application Areas

CognitIoT™ Solution Package – Automation

CognitIoT edge solution can:

  • Collect, integrate, and process varies sensor data from different types, including images, numeric values, and other data formats.
  • Create advanced asset management solutions such as real-time asset tracking, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset utilization and optimization, and process control and automation.
  • Provide a real-time data visualization for the users and offer remote control functions through the user interface. The UI is also capable of sending user alerts when potential issues appear in the industrial processes.

CognitIoT™ Solution Package – Smart City

CognitIoT edge solution can:

  • Monitor and manage infrastructures, such as sensors in roads, bridges, and buildings to identify patterns, predict maintenance needs, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the overall management of city infrastructure.
  • Develop intelligent transportation systems using real-time data from traffic sensors and GPS devices to optimize traffic flow and manage congestion.
  • Enhance public safety across the city by analyzing video feeds and sensor data in real-time to detect and alert authorities of potential security threats, accidents, or suspicious activities.

CognitIoT™ Solution Package – Cleantech

CognitIoT edge solution can:

  • Deploy smart meters to monitor energy consumption in real-time identify patterns, trends, and energy-saving opportunities.
  • Collect data on weather conditions, solar panel performance, wind speed, and other relevant factors in renewable energy systems to optimize the generation and distribution of renewable energy.
  • Integrate various components of the energy infrastructure, such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption to develop more reliable, resilient, and efficient electricity grids..

CognitIoT™ Solution Package – Medical

CognitIoT edge solution can:

  • Be used to develop IoT-connected electrocardiograph devices to continuously transmit real-time ECG data to healthcare providers or monitoring systems. This data can be analyzed in real-time and interpret abnormal heart rhythms or patterns.
  • Be implemented with software-defined radio technology to filter and reduce noise in signal processing. This can improve signal quality and enhance the accuracy of ECG interpretations.
  • Collect genetic data through sensors, wearable devices, or connected laboratory equipment to capture information such as DNA sequences, genomes, gene expressions, or epigenetic modifications.

CognitIoT™ AI Solution Package – Software

Cognit AI solution can:

  • Automates tasks, improves data quality, optimizes performance, provides decision support, and enhances the overall effectiveness of integrating databases, enabling organizations to leverage integrated data for improved insights and decision-making.
  • Leverage machine learning techniques and analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in existing encryption algorithms.
  • Analyze network traffic patterns, latency, and congestion to optimize the performance of the WAN. By monitoring real-time data, Cognit AI can dynamically adjust routing decisions, prioritize critical traffic, and optimize bandwidth allocation.

CognitIoT™ Solution Package – Finance

Cognit AI solution can:

  • Analyze historical sales data, market trends, and other relevant factors to generate accurate demand forecasts. These forecasts can be used to optimize inventory levels, production schedules, and supply chain operations.
  • Leverage a secure and decentralized platform for data sharing and collaboration among supply chain participants provided by blockchain to gain insights, optimize inventory management, and enhance decision-making processes.
  • securely record and share real-time updates of inventory information to enable accurate and up-to-date inventory management across the supply chain network.

Solution Package and Services

Work closely with clients to understand their business objectives, challenges, and requirements to help design and develop a solution aligned with the client’s goals and create a roadmap for implementation.

Define the data collection, processing, and analytics pipelines, considering factors such as scalability, security, real-time processing, and edge computing. Guide on data storage, data governance, and integration with existing systems.

Support clients in integrating IoT and AI solutions into their existing software infrastructure. And assist in the deployment, connectivity setup, cloud platform configuration, and API integration. Ranial also help with testing, performance optimization, and monitoring of IoT and AI applications to ensure smooth operations.

Maintain, install, and update the computer software leveraging expertise and experience in the relevant target markets to optimize the solution for the clients.

CognitIoT™ Solution Package

CognitIoT™ software package can be downloaded and installed on user’s chosen devices.

CognitIoTsoftware package is embedded in the CognitIoT edge devices.

CognitIoTsoftware package can be rented as a service on a subscription basis.

Specialized consulting services are provided to guide businesses in making informed technology decisions.