Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management


Integrating the control systems with the business processes and ERP systems for real-time monitoring.

The manufacturing sector, the producer of about one-third of all data generated today and slated to significantly increase in the coming years, is facing constant challenges. In order to deliver innovative, quality products at ever-competitive prices while meeting global safety standards, the industry needs technologies that can make business sense of this data and offer insights that can improve performance and predict challenges.

Manufacturing companies need to focus more on optimizing quality, productivity and efficiencies in their product line, eliminate downtime and step up warehouse management and distribution with better utilization of human and machine resources. The existing solutions do not provide complete management and monitoring of productivity, or real-time monitoring. Technologies that can pre-empt downtime and detect issues before they become business challenges, real time, are the need of the day.

Optimal utilization of energy and resources can be ensured by transparency and clear flow of information from various data collation points, providing a clear communication dashboard that keeps everyone on the same page. For this, we need solutions that will enable devices and data sources to talk to each other- clearly – A software solution to monitor, manage and optimize production and real-time operations to reduce cost and time, that meets the dynamic, constantly evolving needs of the industry while providing seamless communication and hence data collation across nodal points.


How Ranial Can Help?

Ranial’s manufacturing management and quality control solution is a cloud-based scalable platform to enable real-time decision making with predictive and prescriptive insights.

IntelliMES platform will offer features and value propositions which address the modern business and technology challenges faced by the industry. The M2M technology for the Shop Floor has the ability to seamlessly communicate data and insights across platforms, harnessing the power of IoT. Consolidating labor and inventory transactions, it provides instant access to shop floor status and functions and helps the processes integrate every aspect around a single, enterprise-wide system.

Ranial’s IntelliMES platform is a cloud-based solution that provides a real time visibility of all business intelligence dashboards. IntelliMES will be used to monitor each stage of production, collect and analyze data across multiple machines and units, thus increasing productivity, unlocking capacity, and reducing inventory and labor costs. The system can streamline scheduling of work items and send alerts and notification if there is any expected delay, helping to meet quality and standards. It offers a secure (role-based) access to work information, manage work, locations and offer interfaces to update/monitor the processes status by the assigned work force. The system is built on an integrated platform and available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to the manufacturers and its employees/contractors.

It also allows the setting of energy targets to effectively manage and measure energy utilization.
Downtime, in this industry, often means loss of market. As an efficient system that captures data on breakdown, delay in production of a section of units, unplanned stop of production units and any other technical or operational reasons, IntelliMES is a boon. When downtime data is mined for insights, it often becomes a source of pre-empted intelligence and hence a business aid to prepare for production losses and plan accordingly.

IntelliMES platform can track the inventory, part movements, consumption and production with ease, helping plan the resources and supplies in advance.
The biggest advantage is, it does all of these activities real time – monitoring the production performance and identifying any inefficiency before it escalates into a bigger problem.

Unique solutions offered to our client are:

  • WIP tracking & condition-based monitoring of Plant operations
  • Early detection and prevent maintenance of Equipments 
  • Real-time autonomous control and Quality Management 
  • Advance Analytics & New Insights on plant performance
  • Proactive alarms and Notifications on operational parameters or faults 
  • Industrial Energy Management

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